Biocell V- COLL Aminox Forte 8000



10 vials

Dosage Method:
IV. 1 time per week.

Origin :

Biocell V- COLL Aminox Forte 8000  is latest product for who care For Your Beautiful Skin, Has A Content Of Vitamin C Or Ascorbic Acid High. For Maximum Results Can Mix With Other Whitening Syringes.
Rejuvenating Body, Whiten And Brighten The Skin From Within An Act As An Anti-Aging And Anti-Oxidant For The Body. It Helps To Boost The Immune System And Reduce Wrinkles. Filling The Loss Of Collagen And Improve Skin Elasticity It Refines Skin Texture.

Ingredients :
Ascorbic Acid 8000mg.
Collagen Solution D’extrait 1500mg.
Aminox Essential Amino Acid 900mg.

Benefits :
Skin Cell Rejuvenation.
Skin Whitening.
Anti Aging Product.
Anti Oxidant Product.
Enhance Immune Function.

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